63in63 … World Record Adventure

Howdy... I’m Nikki Love, 50 year old average female runner with an above-average level of grit/determination/crazy and I’m sat sitting in the headquarters of Nikki Love Crazy-Assed Adventures with my crack team of adventure supporters surrounding me … okay I’m sitting in my lounge, on my lap top with my dog lying next to me looking up and wondering why the hell we’re not outside running about.
Me and the pooch have hatched a plan …
On August 27th 2017, I’ll be starting my jolly jog through Britain which will take me from John O’Groats to Land’s End and back to Leicester with a little bit of coast to coast zig-zagging along the way.
As plans go, we think it's pretty good!

63 days
63 marathons
63 different locations
63 opportunities to meet and run with people

63in63 ... Our Goals

  • Run 63 marathons in 63 days and achieve world record for the most consecutive marathons by a woman.
  • Raise £6,300 for the brilliant, little well known, but much needed Huntington’s Disease Association.
  • Hit 63,000 supporter miles as people run alongside me or run virtually with me.
  • Get 63 newbie marathon runners crossing one of my 63 marathon finish lines.
Marathons run - target 63
Money raised - target £6,300
Supporter miles - target 63,000
Newbie Marathon Runners - target 63

63in63 ... Our Sponsors

The companies who have given their time, money and products. Without you, this World Record adventure would never have happened. I am truly thankful.

63 in 63 ... Marathon Itinerary

One of my big aims in life is to get people to be runny, bouncy, jumpy thingys!
Every little bit that you move helps you stay healthy as you get older.
I'm about to set off running a marathon a day for 63 days, and I want you to be part of it!

There’s two ways in which you can:

Up close and personally (jog alongside me)
Virtually (run/jog/walk anywhere you happen to be and log your supporter mile using #63in63SMiles)

So, if you’re wanting to be a part of the VIRTUAL CHALLENGE simply click this link Register Now

If you fancy a little jog about with me, below are all the dates, locations and route maps. All you gotta do is choose the marathon and you’ll be whisked away to a registration page … it's voodoo magic I tell you.

We'll meet every morning at 8:45am for a howdy, a stretch, a warm-up, and a quick nod to upstairs for some good running weather.

For full details, click on the relevant Marathon below.

Marathon 1 / Sunday 27-Aug-17 / John O'Groats- Completed
Marathon 2 / Monday 28-Aug-17 / Tain- Completed
Marathon 3 / Tuesday 29-Aug-17 / Fort Augustus- Completed
Marathon 4 / Wednesday 30-Aug-17 / Aviemore - Completed
Marathon 5 / Thursday 31-Aug-17 / Fort William- Completed
Marathon 6 / Friday 01-Sep-17 / Loch Katrine- Completed
Marathon 7 / Saturday 02-Sep-17 / Glasgow, G1 3SL - Completed
Marathon 8 / Sunday 03-Sep-17 / Milngavie, G62 6PB - Completed
Marathon 9 / Monday 04-Sep-17 / Edinburgh- Completed
Marathon 10 / Tuesday 05-Sep-17 / Kielder- Completed
Marathon 11 / Wednesday 06-Sep-17 / Haltwhistle- Completed
Marathon 12 / Thursday 07-Sep-17 / Keswick- Completed
Marathon 13 / Friday 08-Sep-17 / Coniston- Completed
Marathon 14 / Saturday 09-Sep-17 / Windemere- Completed
Marathon 15 / Sunday 10-Sep-17 / Hawes- Completed
Marathon 16 / Monday 11-Sep-17 / Saltburn by the Sea-Completed
Marathon 17 / Tuesday 12-Sep-17 / Helmsley-Completed
Marathon 18 / Wednesday 13-Sep-17 / Nottingham- Completed
Marathon 19 / Thursday 14-Sep-17 / Lincoln
Marathon 20 / Friday 15-Sep-17 / Nottingham-Completed
Marathon 21 / Saturday 16-Sep-17 / Sheffield Castle Parkrun/Canal path - Completed
Marathon 22 / Sunday 17-Sep-17 / Manchester - Complete
Marathon 23 / Monday 18-Sep-17 / Rochdale - Complete
Marathon 24 / Tuesday 19-Sep-17 / Leeds - Complete
Marathon 25 / Wednesday 20-Sep-17 / Derwent Reservoir - Complete
Marathon 26 / Thursday 21-Sep-17 / Nottingham - Complete
Marathon 27 / Friday 22-Sep-17 / Nottingham - Complete
Marathon 28 / Saturday 23-Sep-17 / Colwick Parkrun to Beeston - Complete
Marathon 29 / Sunday 24-Sep-17 / Ikano Robin Hood Marathon - Complete
Marathon 30 / Monday 25-Sep-17 / Nottingham - Complete
Marathon 31 / Tuesday 26-Sep-17 / Breaston, Derbyshire DE72 3AU - Register Now

Marathon 32 / Wednesday 27-Sep-17 / Leicester (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 33 / Thursday 28-Sep-17 / TBC Register Now

Marathon 34 / Friday 29-Sep-17 / TBC Register Now

Marathon 35 / Saturday 30-Sep-17 / Cardiff (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 36 / Sunday 01-Oct-17 / St. David's (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 37 / Monday 02-Oct-17 / Rhossili Bay (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 38 / Tuesday 03-Oct-17 / Brecon (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 39 / Wednesday 04-Oct-17 / Portishead (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 40 / Thursday 05-Oct-17 / Minehead (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 41 / Friday 06-Oct-17 / Bude (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 42 / Saturday 07-Oct-17 / St. Ives (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 43 / Sunday 08-Oct-17 / Torquay (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 44 / Monday 09-Oct-17 / St Nicholas (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 45 / Tuesday 10-Oct-17 / Brockenhurst (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 46 / Wednesday 11-Oct-17 / Brighton (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 47 / Thursday 12-Oct-17 / Folkstone (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 48 / Friday 13-Oct-17 / London City (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 49 / Saturday 14-Oct-17 / Bushy Parkrun/Richmond Park(Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 50 / Sunday 15-Oct-17 / Leicester Marathon, LE1 7RY (organised event)

Marathon 51 / Monday 16-Oct-17 / (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 52 / Tuesday 17-Oct-17 / (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 53 / Wednesday 18-Oct-17 / (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 54 / Thursday 19-Oct-17 / (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 55 / Friday 20-Oct-17 / (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 56 / Saturday 21-Oct-17 / (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 57 / Sunday 22-Oct-17 / (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 58 / Monday 23-Oct-17 / (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 59 / Tuesday 24-Oct-17 / (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 60 / Wednesday 25-Oct-17 / (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 61 / Friday 27-Oct-17 / Nottingham (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 62 / Thursday 26-Oct-17 / Peterborough (Route TBC) Register Now

Marathon 63 / Saturday 28-Oct-17 / Bradgate Park, Leicester LE6 0AH Register Now


Help from my friends

As the Beatles so eloquently sang ... 'I get by with a little help from my friends'. As I run from top to bottom, zig-zagging my way from left to right throughout the UK, I'm getting by with a little help from some friends. If you ever need sports therapeutic help, please get in touch with one of these lovely lot ... I truly can't thank them all enough.
Osteopathy & Acupuncture
Yasin Tayebjee @ TownOsteo, 640 Melton Road, Thurmaston, LE4 8BB, www.townosteo.com
Sports Massage Therapy
Claire Riddell, Pressure Point - Sports Massage, Nottingham, 07736283257

63 in 63 ... Our Charity - HDA

Total marathons ran
Total miles ran
Total money raised
Total supporter miles ran (SMiles)
Total number of pairs of shoes worn
total number of calories burned
Meet the people who've been behind me all the way. Forever thankful and blessed.


Rufus has been my running side-kick / life-coach / pooch-who-thinks-she’s-a-human for the last 4 years. Together we came up with a bit of a plan - to Run 63 marathons in 63 days. We think it's a pretty good plan

Sharif Owadally
Sharif Owadally

Project Lead and all round good egg. Sharif has somehow taken all the thoughts in Nikki's head and made them into working event. If you want to know anything about anything related to 63in63, then he's your man!

Nottingham, UK
E-mail: 63in63@gmail.com Phone: 07850 328426